Here are some frequently asked questions. Click on the question to reveal the answer. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call or email, (see how to find/contact us)

What does SOR mean?

On sale by BaMW, on behalf of the owner. BaMW does not own this motorcycle, it is for sale, on a 'sale or return' basis. No warranty is implied or intended ion bikes for sale on an SOR Basis.

Do we pay VAT on the new parts? If I am not in the EU, will I get a VAT free reduction?

BaMW is presently a small company and not yet VAT registered.

Non of our parts, therefore include VAT.

Customers buying items from outside the EU community, will therefore pay the same as those inside it.

We cannot offer those persons a 20% discount.

Can you sell my bike for me?

BaMW will consider any motorcycle to sell, on behalf of the customer. I prefer to offer this service to my past customers, with one of 'my own' rebuilds, but will consider any bike. I retain the right to refuse though, each bike is considered under its own merits.

How much will you charge to sell my bike?

That can vary, my minimum charge is £350, but I usually agree a percentage of the sale value, this is agreed in advance.

Will you complete a 'semi restoration' Gary?

I'm sorry I won't. I have to consider my reputation, should I do half a job on your bike, other may consider, that this is the standard of my rebuilds. Sorry no.

Will you help me rebuild my bike, with advice?

Yes I'd love to. I'm available Monday-Friday 9:30am - 6:00pm

Do you have every part you sell in stock and ready for despatch?

No I don't. I try and keep as many parts in stock, for immediate delivery as i can, but very valuable items are ordered in at the time the customer needs them. This can incur a 10-14 day delay. Please ask if I have one in stock and if not how long for me to get one in for you.

Are BaMW prices the best I can find?

I do my very best to keep my prices competitive. Very often my prices are significantly cheaper than 'other' suppliers.

How up to date is your website?

I review my website on a daily basis.

What does POA mean?

'Price on Application' - Contact me and we'll discuss.

Why do you not publish prices for some of your motorcycle sales?

Simple: prices continue to rise. it can be some time, before a customer commissions a rebuild, or my bikes for sale, find the right discerning customer. Prices are also dependant of currency exchange rates. Most significantly - My most discerning customers like to maintain their privacy.

Will your warranty apply to my motorcycle, if exported outside the UK?

No - I'm sorry, this does not extend to sales outside the UK

How do I reserve a motorcycle for rebuild?

Please make contact and describe your requirements. I will then draw up a provisional written agreement between us, including the identity of the motorcycle and works to be undertaken. Any additional bespoke options will also be described.

I will prepare an estimate for the works and an estimated date commencement of completion of our project.

You will then be asked to agree to the contract in writing and provide a 10% deposit on the total (if you change your mind prior to the start of the build I will refund half this deposit).

This reserves the rebuild project bike and the all important calendar slot.

Once the date arrives to start your motorcycle, a further 20% deposit of the total cost of the build will be required.

A full photographic history of the strip down and rebuild will be provided and I can offer professional, studio photography of the bike with framing facility.

Are all the bikes shown on your site, your own product?

Yes, over the years I've had some remarkable bikes.

Do you sell the performance upgrade kit without, factory fitted, pushrod tubes. As they are cheaper?

Yes I can, but experience has shown that, the extra cost is insignificant against the potential risk of damage to the tubes and the heads during removal and installation. I personally wouldn't take the risk.

Your imported motorcycles Gary. Will you UK register it for me?

I am something of an expert in this. I make it very easy for my customers.
On any purchase of one of my imported, non UK registered bikes, I will NOVA the bike. I will UK MOT the bike.
I will then complete all the forms required, including covering letter to the DVLA.
There will be very little to do yourself.
I like to deliver the bike to you.
At this time, I will show/explain to you the forms and ask you to sign them.
You can then post them to the DVLA - EASY!
The UK's V5 Registration document, with age related registration number (NO Q plate), in your name and address, as first UK owner, will then be posted to your home address, by the DVLA, usually within ten days.