1982 R80g/s Paris Dakar

Price: £11,950 onvo


This motorcycle, was fully restored, to our usual standard by BaMW in about 2011.

It was enjoyed by that owner, who covered over 12,000, touble free miles on it.

Following his sad passing, the bike returned to us in 2016.

I then re commissioned it, fitting a brand new silencer and heat shield, new brake disc, and a new single seat etc etc etc. All of which were not available in 2011.

It had everything it needed you might say. It is still in mint condition and has only had light summer use, since 2016 I am told.

There is an extensive restoration file with this motorcycle.

The present owner has cared for it well, and asked us to sell this bike on his behalf.

This is a SOR sale and as such no BaMW warranty implied or intended on this vehicle, sorry.