BaMW Performance Specials

BaMW has been developing a hot road use engine for my BaMW “Special addition” Dakar Specials.

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The aim was to achieve an engine upgrade formula, which can be readily repeated giving 50% increase in “usable power” over and above a standard R100GS engine.

The focus was on useable power, constant, throughout the rev range, with engine longevity and reliability in mind, for road use.

88 - 90 BHP at the flywheel, from a useable, hot, road use engine, was my target, without the need for strange looking air cleaners or Japanese carburettors, fuel injection or computer programming.

I wanted to use the original Bing carbs, to maintain the original "sleeper" look.

A race track engine, with higher power, over a very short rev range, was not the objective.

The Start Point

In a perfect world "according to BMW figures" The R100GS when new, produced 60bhp at the flywheel.

Dyno testing suggests the reality is more like 55bhp.

It is generally accepted that the shaft etc, loses approximately 15% from the Flywheel to the rear wheel.

This suggests a standard R100GS struggles to give 50 bhp at the back wheel.

My Results

I have achieved 75.54 bhp at the rear wheel.

88 BHP at the Flywheel

The performance graph, shows an almost constant 45 degree, straight line, to convex power curve, throughout the range. This is perfect for best road use.

The straight line being significant, there being no dips in power. The power is there, all the way to the top.

Even using the BMW figure of 60 bhp (not the real one of 55 bhp),
I have thus achieved approximately 49 - 51% increase in useable power.