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R80g/s & ST. R80GS, R100GS. Side stand modification kit

A quality item, easy to fit, solid Stainless steel, tried and tested by ourselves.

No changes to your crash bar or side stand required. Retains OEM appearance when fitted, and allows easy flick out and exit from a loaded bike.

£79.00 + PP
Product Code: CHS005
Conditions of sale apply

Fuel cap kit

Includes: New cap, New correct hose clip & 30cm of breather hose (sufficient to route into top yoke nut).

Fits all GS models 1980-1990.

R80g/s, Paris Dakar, R100GS & R80GS.

£45.00 + PP
Product Code: CHS010

Handlebar Risers


All post 1970 bikes.

£40 + PP
Product Code: CHS011

Handlebar Risers

Polished Alloy Finish

All post 1970 bikes.

£40.00 + PP
Product Code: CHS012


Single seat rack - GS Parralever.

£89.00 + PP
Product Code: CHS017

Quality Reproduction - Silencer heat shield for R80g/s Paris Dakar and R80ST

Made from VERY high temperature reinforced composite

See also out fitting kit CHS023

Special offer price! - Last few remaining
£199.00 + PP
Product Code: CHS020

Silencer heat shilled fitting kit, for OEM silencer.

£49.00 + PP
Product Code: CHS023

Moulded rubber knee pads, Pair (left and right) for Paris Dakar tank.

Accurate reproduction of original, self adhesive

In Stock Now!
£85.00 + PP
Product Code: CHS022



Poor Headlight - Solved!

Unique to BaMW

200% brighter than your original Halogen headlight.
Unique to BaMW, we can now supply a replacement for your poor standard H4 bulb.
HIGH POWER - LED bulb kit.

Due to recent MOT rule changes, we recommend replacing your original H4 bulb, prior to getting your bike tested.

£24.99 + PP
Product Code: ELC003


Completely new Headlight lens Combo

New lens with new pilot light, together with
New - 200w High power, low heat, LED H4 replacement bulb kit.)

£69.00 + PP
Product Code: ELC004

UK - Headlight lens.

Includes pilot bulb & holder.

R80G/S & R80/100GS 1987-1990.

£49.00 + PP
Product Code: ELC005

GS headlight grill. 1980-1990.

£18.95 + PP
Product Code: ELC006


Single seat rack - R80GS Basic / Kalahari.

Also in conjuction with BAMW short subframe

Unique to BaMW. Made from Stainless steel and powder coated black.

£150.00 + PP
Product Code: STS009

Single seat rack, unique to BaMW

R80GS, R100GS, with Bamw short subframe and single seat Product Code: STS013 fitted.

Can also be adapted to use on R80g/s subframe.

New BaMW Remake! In stainless steel.

£108.00 + PP
Product Code: STS010

Tool box gasket (self-adhesive). Reproduction of BMW Part 52531453928. Creates a watertight seal for your tool box.

£32.50 + PP
Product Code: STS012

Single seat rack. R80g/s Paris Dakar 1984 - 87.

£130.00 + PP
Product Code: STS013