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Recently completed and FOR SALE

1986 R80g/s "Last series" Rare Touareg Blue livery

Price: circa £15,000

This is a matching numbers motorcycle, fully restored to BaMW standards.

BMW introduced this livery right at the end of production, only a handful were made at the very end of production. They are hard to find and the top of the pile for collectability and values. This left the factory in this livery.

Contact us to reserve this motorcycle.

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Genuine Pharaohs Rally & Paris Dakar rally desert racer.

Now Completed.

Built and raced by Brackens BMW rider, Jon Watson MILLER in 1988 on.

Commission rebuild for the owner.

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BaMW Paris Dakar arrives in Connecticut, USA!

Hello Gary!

Oh my - the GS is absolutely incredible!! I mean truly spectacular!!
Haven't had a chance to start, or ride it yet with the bad weather, but it is so gorgeous.
I love just looking at it!!
Here's a photo of it in front of the house upon arrival. It's quite the Christmas present.
In the crate with just the one side off, it looks like a giant kid's toy, which I guess that's what it really is!

Thank you and Merry Christmas!!

Krist, USA.

More details can be found on our Rebuilds page here

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'84 R80G/S Paris Dakar Rebuild Now Completed

'84 R80G/S Paris Dakar, Series 1 restored by BaMW to my OEM+ standards

More details can be found on our Rebuilds page here

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Studio photographs

BaMW is now having photo studio quality pictures taken. Please click this icon, where you see it on our "Rebuilds" and "For Sale pages"

Welcome to BaMW

I restore classic BMW motorcycles, circa 1970 - 1996.

I believe I have established a worldwide reputation for excellence in this field. I pride myself in the standards I achieve and have restored and shipped motorcycles all over the world. I limit myself to 3 projects per year to maintain quality and standards in all respects. I don't do partial rebuilds. Each motorcycle is a reflection of myself and my company, and I prefer not to do half measures.

Fully restored motorcycles can be purchased from my own stock list and future restorations can be reserved (against a deposit) prior to starting or during a build. I can also restore your current motorcycle, and/or help to source a bike of your choice for restoration.

I welcome enquiries from overseas. I have exported many motorcycles from my premises in the UK. I have a reliable, fully insured, and very helpful, company contact for your needs in respect of any shipping needs. I also sell previous BaMW Customers motorcycles, on a sale or return basis, against a modest commission.

My parts/product line is ever expanding, in response to my own and customer needs and requests. Many of my products are unique to BaMW and are of the highest quality.

If there is a part you require that I don't already sell, please contact me and I will use all my contacts in the BMW parts world and or re-manufacturing arena, to try and satisfy your requirements. BaMW will only produce products to the very best of standards and to a standard befitting one of my own rebuilds.

BaMW is very willing to assist with advice and direction, where an enthusiast is rebuilding their own machine.

I can provide rebuild services: Wheel building, paint finish in BESPOKE, CUSTOM or OE, powder coatings, new technology coatings, media blasting, ultrasonic cleaning, electroplating service etc., all to my own exacting standards.

I like to think I am friendly and approachable, a genuine enthusiast only to willing to talk. Many customers have become friends and I look forward to speaking and meeting you.

'Service to the enthusiast, by an enthusiast'

BaMW Supports local, small, independent manufacturers who produce the very best quality items and does not source from countries using child labour.

'Quality without compromise with one eye on value'